User privacy & Usage Agreement

User privacy

Thank you for using Super Chinese, an APP managed by Shanghai Yuxuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. Super Chinese highly values your privacy and takes the utmost care to protect your privacy and your privacy rights. In order to help you understand how Super Chinese obtains, uses and further protects your personal information, we clearly outline our privacy protection policy below. The following terms and conditions are for users and consumers using the services of this platform. If you have any questions or comments after reading this agreement, please contact us via "Settings"-"Help and Feedback" in app, or email:

Privacy Scope

The scope of this agreement covers all users of Super Chinese and the submitted personal data during user registration. It also includes personal data that can be used in cooperation and collaboration with Super Chinese. It does not include Super Chinese employees.

Acquisition and use of personal information

In addition to registration and operation activities, Super Chinese will not actively ask users to provide any personal information. Super Chinese will record the user’s duration and path when using the app. This information is only used to provide you with better product features and a better experience. This information will not be analyzed individually. Super Chinese may obtain your personal data under the following circumstances and for the following goals:

When you register for an Super Chinese APP account, in order to get to know our users and recommend services that are more relevant for you, you may need to provide Super Chinese APP with some personal information (including but not limited to gender, occupation, and hobbies). You are responsible for keeping account information and password confidential. If you fail to secure your account information, any breach of security and or problems associated with your account are your full responsibility. At the same time, the internet environment brings with it many unpredictable factors. If because of these factors, or reasons due to your own terminal network problems (including but not limited to network disconnection, hackers, viruses, etc.), Super Chinese is not responsible for any damage.

When you access the Super Chinese APP mobile client server, or when using the services provided on the Super Chinese APP, Super Chinese may record information related to user operations in order to optimize Super Chinese and provide you with better service (information may include but is not limited to the user's computer IP address, device, hardware model, operation system and version, the user's location and log in information related to Super Chinese APP service).

In addition to the above information, Super Chinese APP may also collect other information of users to improve service quality. This can include user recordings, relevant information provided by users when contacting the customer service team of Super Chinese, users participating in questionnaires or surveys and other relevant information collected by Super Chinese when users interact with the Super Chinese APP and Super Chinese affiliated companies.


In order to protect the user's privacy, Super Chinese has been and will continue to strive to take various physical, electronic and management security measures to protect user information, so that user information will not be leaked, damaged or lost. This is including but not limited to encrypted information storage and data center access control. Super Chinese also adopts strict management of employees or outsourced personnel who may be exposed to user information, including but not limited to setting different permissions according to different positions, and signing confidentiality agreements with employees.

If you have any questions about Super Chinese's privacy rights, or if you believe that your rights have been violated, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Super Chinese listens to your feedback and strives to offer you better service.

Super Chinese Auto Renewal Service Terms

If you subscribe to Super Chinese +, you expressly agree to have read and accepted the following terms.

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