Shanghai Yuxuan Information Technology Co., Ltd (Super Chinese) is the culmination of over 12 years of big data collection and global Mandarin teaching expertise. AI is at the core of all our smart learning solutions.
We are using technology to make a difference in the education industry. Offering personalized services in
mandarin Chinese training, higher education and career development.

Solutions for a Smarter future
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The SMARTER HSK APP. A more innovative way to prepare for your Chinese proficiency exams.
Chinese fluency redefined. Improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking in just one App.
Where Passion meets Ingenuity
Our team is more than just a fusion of talent, experience and innovation. It reflects our most fundamental values. We are driven to help our clients leverage the power of AI to build a smarter and more connected future.
CEO & Founder Super Chinese
“Artificial Intelligence is the future of language learning. We are making quality learning resources more efficient and accessible for everyone.”
Allen is a technopreneur with a strong passion for the use of Artificial Intelligence in the education industry, particularly Chinese language learning. Allen founded Super Chinese in 2018, a company dedicated to using AI technology to globalize Chinese education, a field he has been active in for over 7 years. Allen has more than 11 years experience in China's high tech internet industry. He created a number of leading Chinese language learning products, used across 200 countries globally.
COO & Co-founder Super Chinese
“Our goal is to use advanced technology to make mandarin Chinese learning fun and efficient for individuals, schools and enterprises. Helping learners to speak confidently and thrive in real-life conversations.”
Wendy is an accomplished educator and curriculum design expert. Her series of textbooks “Our Chinese Classroom” & “ My Chinese Classroom” are widely used by mandarin Chinese learners and expats in China and beyond. She has over 12 years of experience in executive management and business development within the global education industry. Her corporate mandarin training services are currently being used by a number of leading transnational companies. Wendy is passionate about effective Chinese language teaching approaches as reflected in her academic specialization in Chinese Literature and Linguistics.
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